Loreto Group is a specialist project management company based in Sydney. We provide a broad spectrum of Tenancy De-fit, End of lease Make good, detail and structural demolition and strip outs. Our focus on quality, expertise and innovation ensures that Loreto has become a benchmark for excellence in the industry. At Loreto we take pride in delivering projects on time, on budget everytime.

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CONFIDENCE—30 years experience in the demolition industry

With25 years of experience comes the confidence that we can find cost-effective and compliant solutions to all demolition problems whether it is dealing with heritage restoration, commercial de-fits or concrete care and maintenance.


COMMITMENT—strong safety, quality and environmental systems

We have developed fully compliant safety, quality and environmental systems that ensure we deliver the most effective service and meet all regulatory requirements. We make sure we maintain the reputation of our clients by delivering a problem-free solution.

COMPETENCE—highly skilled and well-trained workforce

Our success and longevity has come from ensuring that we have a highly skilled workforce that understands the commercial and regulatory requirements of what we do. They have a strong customer focus and commitment to efficient project delivery.


SAFETY –  our first priority

Safety is always our first priority. Loreto has strong practices in place in accordance with NSW to ensure our team and the general public conduct safe work practices and promote safe and clean working places. We always maintain environmentally-friendly construction products and methodologies.

HONESTY –  our essential value

Our most important value is honesty—it is a core commitment that we are honest in all our dealings with clients, suppliers and contractors. We ensure that we deliver what we promise through promoting attention-to-detail and reliability from all our staff.

CLIENT SATISFACTION –  the basis of lasting relationships

Great customer service is how we create and maintain long-lasting business relationships. ln all things we do we aim to provide our customers with high satisfaction with our services by always meeting budgets and deadlines; being available 24 hours-a-day for our clients; and providing competitive prices and realistic schedules

PROFESSIONAL TEAM –  well-trained and reliable staff

Loreto employs a large team of professional staff that are well trained and good team players. Reliability and punctuality are key behaviours. We maintain specialist expertise in asbestos removal; concrete care and maintenance and heritage processes.

RESOURCES –  accessible and well equipped

Our fleet of vehicles and equipment is constantly maintained and serviced and based at our depot in Strathfield were it is accessible around the clock for site work all over Sydney.